A Goal without a plan is just a wish.



It is impossible to create a brand without Strategy.



Strategies are the smart answers to these complicated questions:  

Brand Audience; What are their beliefs and demands?

Brand Behavior; How should you act & behave with them?

Point of Parity; What kind of important characteristics do you have?

Point of Difference; Which one of your characteristics is more important?

Strategic Message; What messages should you focus on?

Design Strategy; How should your brand look like?

Design Identity; How should it be designed?

To develop strategies, companies have 3 Choices:

1st; Branding Agency

A valid way, but expensive for many companies.

2nd; Non-Strategic Ways

Guesses, Trial & Errors and etc. A dangerous way.

3rd; Brand Platform

Do it yourself. However, methodologically.

A platform to develop your own strategy.

The Human-Centered approach in branding is new in this platform. This approach will help the manager to change the perspective to avoid cliches & repetitive ideas.  


BLACK BOX includes:

1.  Strategy Boards

10 Boards, 35 x 50 Cm

The audience see and choose according to your brand, while the directors spend much time and budget on developing the products. This does not mean that the brand is more important than the products. It means that the audience judge based on what they see and even guess the quality of products based on its brand. The English proverb that says “do not judge a book by its cover” is to prove that people judge the book by its cover. To establish appropriate cover companies definitely need to a specific strategy.



2. Conclusion Board

One Board, 35 x 50 Cm

Most of the brand books are very complicated. Unorganized ideas and not clear. Black Box is quiet clear and understandable for every one in the company. To make sure this board collect all strategy to your staff.



3. A Manual

A 20-page  Manual (In English & Farsi)

The manual accompanies you step-by-step and tells you the tips for thinking and completing the boards. If you are not familiar with brand terms and concepts, you will be familiarized with the terms via this manual and it will provide you with explanations and examples in this regard. 



4. Audition Form 

40 Pages – 30 x 21 cm

To avoid losing strategy in daily business decisions, there are forms that help the manager to audit the decisions and figure out how to modify them.



5. Workshop Cards

50 Pages – 21 x 15 cm

If decisions and strategic issues are to be made in a group in your company, or if you want to have a partnership with your managers and your colleagues, you can arrange a meeting with them and think together. Board questions will be printed on cards so that the attendees can write their ideas and comments on them. Then, the ideas are discussed in a group and are written on the board.

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  • The package costs $3,400 including shipping to your address.
  • NGOs, charities and non-profit organizations can take %80 discounts.
  • تا پایان آوریل ۲۰۱۹ قیمت در ایران بر اساس نرخ ارز دولتی خواهد بود

BLACK BOX is the outcome of 80 branding projects in a diverse range of industries from banking, insurance, communications to startups around the world. The projects caused our international partners & international awards.

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Consultant & Audition Session


To make sure that you have done the process correctly,

we could have online sessions via Skype with you.

 Brand Book


After completing the process, we could design your Brand Book  (Brand Strategy Document). The Brand Book will be based on specialized brand terms that branding and marketing consultants can understand easily.