Black Package™

Helps Managers to Develop Branding Strategy.

Why Brand Strategy?

Companies often waste %50 of their marketing budgets because of avoidable mistakes in advertising and branding. 
Branding Strategy can help your company avoid these mistakes. Brand strategy is the foremost references for making decisions and a leading source of inspiration for your managers and staff.
Developing Branding Strategy can be expensive. But VAND Branding has developed an innovative solution for managers to avoid the high costs by helping them develop Brand Books themselves:


By Black Package™ the managers will take a step-by-step process to clarify the branding strategies included:


Brand Position

Brand Personality 

Brand Action 

Strategic Touchpoints

Design Strategy

Point of Parity

Point of Difference

Name and Tagline

Color Strategy

Logo Design Strategy

The Package is included:

I      9 Strategy Boards

II     A 20-Page Manual  English, Arabic, Turkish & Persian

III    5 Series of Workshop Card

IV    40 Pages Audition Form 

  Brand Book Template

VI   Online Support 

X9 Strategic Boards

A 20-page Manual

X3 series Teamwork Cards

X30 Audition Forms

How Does It Work?


Develop Your Strategy in 10 days,
and follow up by 1 Year.

At each board, you will develop one of your brand strategies such as Target Audience, Brand Position, Brand Personality, Brand Action, StrategicTouchpoints, Strategic Contents, Brand Name, Logo idea, as well as the Brand Tagline.

A 20-page manual in 3 languages accompanies you and tells you the tips for thinking and completing the boards. If you want to have a partnership with your managers and your colleagues, you can arrange a meeting with them and think together. You will have 5 series of workshop card, which will make collaboration easier.

There will be a pdf file to complete your Brand Book. You could unveil your new Brand Book to all your colleagues and ask them to meet your new branding strategies.

In addition, there are Audition Forms in this package that help you to audit the ideas. You would be able to decide to implement or modify or reject the idea.

Brand Book will help you to eliminate half of your wasting advertising and marketing budgets. 


We can send limited packages to each country.
Then, please submit and let us evaluate if it would be appropriate for your company. We will let you know by 48 hours.


Fill the form to receive the price, based on your country’s currency.
We will send you a Paypal link. Then, You will receive a 50 x 35 x 10 cm sized package with TNT post.