Brand Book 

Why many companies have not become a Brand?

Because of avoidable mistakes such as: choosing the wrong target market, wrong brand personality, wrong media, wrong slogan, wrong design, wrong content, wrong images, or even the wrong colors. Only a Brand Book can help companies to avoid these mistakes.


Brand Books strategically say how to be different, how to be seen, how to talk, how to act, and etc.

Brand Books are the foremost references for making decisions for your managers and staff. Each Brand Book is the bible of companies that includes: 

  • Brand Position 
  • Brand Personality 
  • Brand Action 
  • Strategic Touchpoints 
  • Strategic Message 
  • Design Strategy 
  • Point of Parity 
  • Point of Difference

For Large Businesses
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Consulting agencies are appropriate for large and complicated projects. You could ask us to develop your Brand Book. We are well experienced.

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For Medium-sized Businesses:
Direction Finder™

Do it yourself, instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars for large branding projects.
We have put the branding secrets on
Direction Finder™. It will help you to develop your Brand Book. Read below:

Direction Finder™ helps managers to develop their Brand Book themselves. Dedicated to Small & Medium-sized Businesses. 

Direction Finder™ is a package included:

9 Strategy Boards

A 20-Page Manual

5 Series of Workshop Card

40 Pages Audition Form 

Strategy Boards; to find your direction.

A 20-page Manual; to coach you

Workshop Cards; to teamwork

Audition Forms; to control everything

How Does It Work?

At each board, you will develop one of your brand strategies such as Target Audience, Brand Position, Brand Personality, Brand Action, StrategicTouchpoints, Strategic Contents, Brand Name, Logo idea, as well as the Brand Tagline.

A 20-page manual accompanies you and tells you the tips for thinking and completing the boards. If you want to have a partnership with your managers and your colleagues, you can arrange a meeting with them and think together. You will have 5 series of workshop card, which will make collaboration easier.

There will be a pdf file to complete your Brand Book. You could unveil your new Brand Book to all your colleagues and ask them to meet your new branding strategies.

In addition, there are Audition Forms in this package that help you to audit the ideas. You would be able to decide to implement or modify or reject the idea.

Brand Book will help you to eliminate half of your wasting advertising and marketing budgets. 


We can send limited packages to each country.
Then, please submit and let us evaluate if it would be appropriate for your company.
We will let you know by 48 hours.


This solution is priced at $4,700.
We will send you a Paypal link. Then, You will receive a 50 x 30 x 10 cm sized package with TNT post.